We provide skilled experts who can advise on all aspects of security management and risk mitigation. Our tailored solutions help minimize risk both current and future.

Complying with regulatory requirements is not an option but a requirement. Regulations related to security are on the rise around the world, and the legal, financial and public relations consequences of non-compliance can be tremendous. Our team of experts provides internal and independent audits and inspections of your security programs. Whether you are concerned about physical security, personnel security, information security or cybersecurity, we can help you prepare for and surpass the expectations of regulatory oversight agencies.

Today, our marine and offshore, oil, gas and chemical and government customers face a broad and uncertain threat landscape to their information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems. Our experts can help your organization address this uncertainty by systematically identifying, prioritizing and managing cyber risk from an enterprise perspective. We can help you plan and implement controls to maximize the impact of investments in cybersecurity while verifying compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

We’ll help your organization identify potential strategic cybersecurity threats; vulnerabilities in your policies, procedures, architectures, configurations, hardware and software; and the potential consequences of exploitation for both IT and OT systems. We conduct assessments and tests to validate that technical and administrative controls are in place and operating effectively. We’ll also help you address critical vulnerabilities through risk-based prioritization of solutions by taking the following steps to manage risks to acceptable levels:

Reviewing cybersecurity organizational structure / control design and implementation to identify potential gaps or weaknesses
Guiding the design and implementation of solutions to mitigate deficiencies
Reviewing cyber policies, plans, procedures and controls to identify gaps in compliance with regulatory requirements from organizations such as NERC, NRC, FFIEC, DHS and TSA
Conducting detailed examinations and evaluations of information technology infrastructure, policies, processes, operations or supporting technology (includes cybersecurity policy review and compliance, vulnerability scanning and reviews, penetration testing, cybersecurity controls audits, firewall audits, user/account audits, segregation of duties audits and software development life cycle audit)
Conducting reviews or audits of a vendor’s cybersecurity based on organizational standards or regulatory requirements
Assisting in the creation, documentation and maintenance of business continuity and disaster recovery (BCP/DR) plans, and conduct audits and assessments of BCP/DR plans

Unarmed, and in some cases armed, proprietary security officers are found in many organizational environments. With trends leaning toward outsourcing this security function, the use of contract officers is growing. Cintelis can help organizations evaluate the level of effectiveness, capabilities and training for this security solution as well as understand the dynamic security challenges facing the organizations. Our performance evaluations and benchmarking studies of security/law enforcement manpower and their associated operational and command and control services provides measurable and well-defined results to help clients improve business performance, expenditures and training; decrease liability; and improve the outcome of contract negotiations.

A well-written security plan is a living document that provides the basis for effective implementation and management of any security program. Increasingly, these plans are becoming a regulatory necessity and a trend that will likely increase as security is increasingly scrutinized and regulated worldwide. Let us work with you to develop practical and useful security plans that meet the demands of today’s security environment and ensure that your organization is in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

We provide customized assessments for your operations, facilities and corporate security posture using the most relevant vulnerability and risk assessment methods and an effective, team-based approach. Our security experts understand how adversaries could potentially compromise your organization, its personnel, assets and valuable information. Our Security Vulnerability Services form a complete solution to identify the areas and issues that may lead to loss of assets, loss of life, business interruption, unacceptable consequences and hidden liabilities, and to recommend practical and efficient solutions.