International debt collection and recovery can be complicated and costly in your business if your debtor ignores letters and e-mails of your accountancy or legal department and further telephone calls seems useless – now we are the best option to collect your debts.




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Cintelis Associates LLP., a specialized firm in international debt collection and recovery services is your partner. Our network is represented in over 80 countries spanning every major economic region of the globe like the United Kingdom, GB, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa. We have co-operated partners for example also in Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia and Vietnam.

We contact your debtor in their language with a representative that is located close to the business place of your debtor – in writings (request for payment, dunning letter) and by phone. We negotiate with your debtor to find a fast settlement of the debt. All communication with your debtor is shared with you.

The fact that each country has its own laws and rules for their judicial debt collection procedure can be very confusing. After all, there is not always a straightforward way to collect your international debt, as there are no universal international debt collection laws. However, there are two procedures that are recognised across EU Member States. These are known as the European Small Claims and the European Order for Payment and can be initiated depending on the amount and complexity of your international debt collection case. As an international debt collection agency and law firm, we can help you with these processes. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience with the laws in your debtor’s country and can communicate in your debtor’s native language.



At Cintelis, our priority is recovering your funds, and wherever possible, retaining your valuable customer relationships. For more than 17 years, we have been recovering clients funds, plus late payment interest & costs, wherever possible.

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