Corporate Intelligence and Security

We provide intelligence-led, expeditionary security and risk management services, enabling our clients to maintain maximum operational effectiveness.

Our services

Our Services

We provide a wide variety of security solutions to businesses, law firms and government agencies with an “on-call” security team to resolve business security issues. Our services include employment background screening, investigations, computer security, surveillance, evaluation of business security exposures, security awareness training, and forensic services.
Our professional expertise and services are available to organizations small, medium and large.

What We Can Do for You

An internationally risk management company, Cintelis delivers innovative, integrated security solutions in complex areas across land, sea and air.

Security & Crisis Management
Cintelis, together with Azimuth International, provide security risk management services from Kidnap & Ransom and Disaster Recovery, to Cyber Crime and Product Contamination
Risk Management
We provide skilled experts who can advise on all aspects of security management and risk mitigation. Our tailored solutions help minimize risk both current and future.
Physical Security
Operating in high, medium, and low risk environments, Cintelis’s physical security provides static and mobile protection of personnel, resources, materials and infrastructure – helping clients protect what matters most.

Cintelis’s mission is to provide a secure environment, protecting our clients’ personnel, assets and reputation – enabling you to focus on your core business. We deliver our services on land, offshore and in the air domain.


Global presence, local expertise.

Our multi-layered, global experience provides a level of expertise you can trust. In country our expatriate management teams partner with local companies and recruit and promote local nationals. This not only gives us access to invaluable local knowledge and intelligence networks, enhancing security by a sense of local ownership, but also benefits local communities and the economy. Cintelis is committed to training and empowering the communities that we work within.